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Come see Ken perform Saturday evenings at . . .


. . . and have your picture taken with Ken.

WURST Is Located At

2437 4th Street SW, Calgary, Alberta T2S 1X5

(403) 245-2345

Ken has performed for . . .  

  • Mayors

  • Premiers and Prime Ministers

  • Lieutenant Governor of Alberta

  • Senator Tommy Banks

  • Olympic Gold Medalists

  • Several Members of the Royal Family, including

  • the Queen Mother and three performances for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

To check Ken's availability and to receive a written quote and/or

contract for your next get together contact . . .


Ken Shoults at (403) 256-0268



Ken Shoults Band Bookings

""They say you are judged by the company you keep" . . .

  • Pierce Brosnan (James Bond, Remington Steele)

  • Rene’ Russo (The Thomas Crown Affair)

  • Christopher Reeve (Superman)

  • Dr. Ruth Westheimer (Sex Therapist)

  • Kirk Cameron (Growing Pains)

  • Chelsea Noble (Growing Pains)

  • Alan Thicke (Growing Pains, Thicke Of The Night)

  • Andy Mill (Growing Pains)

  • Cliff Robertson (Three Days Of The Condor, Midway)

  • Lou Gossett, Jr. (An Officer And A Gentleman, Iron Eagle Series)

  • Jane Seymour (star of TV's Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman)

  • Jim Sikking (Hillstreet Blues TV Series, Doogie Howser M.D.)

  • Kenny Loggins (Singer/Songwriter, Loggins & Messina)

  • Jimmy Messina (Singer/Songwriter, Loggins & Messina)

  • John Oates (Singer/Songwriter-Hall & Oates)

  • John Denver (Singer/Songwriter)

  • Kris Kristofferson (Country Singer/Songwriter, A Star Is Born)

  • Angie Dickinson (TV's Police Woman)

  • Buzz Aldrin (Astronaut)

  • Robin Leach (Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous)

  • Hunt Block (Soap Opera-Knot's Landing)

  • Barry Bostwick (Mega Force)

  • Jean Claude Van Damme (Kickboxer, Death Warrant)

  • Julianne Phillips (Skin Deep, Fletch Lives)

  • Robert Patrick (Terminator II, Fire In The Sky)

  • Jason Priestley (Beverley Hills 90210)

  • Gabrielle Carteris (Beverley Hills 90210)

  • Christine Elise (Beverley Hills 90210)

  • Ian Ziering (Beverley Hills 90210)

  • Cynthia Geary (Northern Exposure)

  • Gina Tolleson (Miss World 1991)

  • Al Hirt (World Famous Trumpet Virtuoso)

  • Bill Chase (Lead Trumpet And Arranger For The Woody Herman Band)

  • Lionel Hampton (World Famous Jazz Vibraphonist)

  • Catherine McKinnon (Farewell To Nova Scotia)

  • Donald Harron (Country Hoedown)

  • Tommy Common (Country Hoedown)

  • Gordie Tapp (Country Hoedown, Hee Haw TV Show)

  • Dave Broadfoot (Comedian On Air Farce TV Show)

  • Tommy Banks (Jazz Pianist Composer/Arranger)

  • Larry Day ( Television Host, Producer & Director)

  • David Warrack (Pianist, Composer, Arranger, Comedy)

  • Vaughn Monroe (Ghost Riders In The Sky)

  • Dennis Day (Singer/Comedian On The Jack Benny Show)

  • Smiley Burnett (Petticoat Junction Engineer)

  • Fred Mc Murray (My Three Sons TV Series)

  • Pat Brady (Roy Rogers' Sidekick)ds

  • The Sons Of The Pioneers (Tumbling Tumbleweeds,  Cool Water)

  • The Diamonds (Little Darling)

  • Bruce Innes & The Original Caste (One Tin Soldier, Mister Monday)

  • Cheech Marin (Cheech & Chong)

  • Rich Little (Comedian Impressionist)

  • Herb Miller (Glenn Miller's Brother)


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