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13)   Elaine Chambers


Hi Kenny: 


It's time to blow your own Horn...I guess there's a pun in there (ha ha). 


You truly have a wonderful feel for what you do.  This only comes through experience and "The Road Of Hard Knocks".   Your talent scans a gamut of genres and oozes off the stage with grace and splendor.  


It is a great pleasure to know such a talented person as yourself and also call you a friend.   I am truly blessed to know you and to have seen you perform.   Spectacular. 


Congratulations on your latest CD. 


Your Friend,



12)   Sandra Young

email: syoung_ubc@hotmail.com
Subject: Howdy plane partner


Hi Ken,

Hope you are having a wonderful time in Hawaii. I had a great time in San Diego and am back in Calgary now (it snowed the day I got back). I checked out your website and CD and it sounds great. I will have to order one...or some. Could be a good Christmas gift...Sandra.


Sandra N. Young, MA


11)   Bob McLean

emailto: robert3@gis.net
Subject: wow

Just caught your dueling trumpet bit . . . unbelievable!

I'M 71 and still playing trumpet from age 14, but couldn't do what you did if I lived forever!!!!!! 


10)   Keith Jones

e-mail: cri4@telus.net

Gender: Male

Location: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada


Hey Kenny,


Good to see you out there on YouTube doing what you do best. You are the REAL one man dueling dueter.


Hope all is well,


Say hello to the “Ole gang”




9)   Cameron O'Rourke

e-mail: cammcom@telus.net

Gender: Male

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Wow! Great sound Ken.

I'm listening to it now for the first time.

And the background is impressive too.



8)   Johnny Thorson  ("Captain Banjo")

e-mail: captainbanjo@shaw.ca

Gender: Male

Location: Calgay, Alberta, Canada


I have known and worked with Ken Shoults over a number of years.  I have always respected him as a fine musical entertainer - he has a marvelous rapport with an audience - and in addition to being a first-rate showman, he is truly a virtuoso musician with a very large repertoire of songs taking in a variety of styles.


I recently heard Ken's first CD release, "After All These Years", and I have to say I was blown away by it.  Anyone who loves good music should get a copy of this CD.  It's easy listening music at its very best, a wonderful collection of romantic standards played with astounding virtuosity by one of the very best trumpet players you will ever hear - KEN SHOULTS.


7)   Bobby Van

e-mail: Bobbyvan@Telus.net

Gender: Male

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada


It's about time you did something for yourself. Nobody knows what's involved in entertaining for 5 decades unless you did it. Your only showing a small part of the story. The rest would make a movie. We can't tell all but we really been there and still doing it. Hope this leads to more accomplishments. Maybe the world is ready for you now.


Your friend and fellow performer .


Bobby Van



6)   Melanie Crehan

e-mail: crehan25@telus.net

Gender: Female

Location: Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada


Wow, Ken - you were right- I'd never had the pleasure of hearing you play. You are absolutely awesome, talented, gifted, terrific, did I mention talented? I am so glad you are "out there" now. Too much of God's gifts to keep hidden so to speak.


You rock!


Love, Melanie



5)   Ray Griff

e-mail: raygriff@raygriffmusic.com

URL: http://www.raygriff.com www.myspace.com/raygriff

Gender: Male

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Nashville, Tennessee, USA


Ken my boy, God blessed you real good! You're one of the most gifted and talented musicians I've had the pleasure of working with.


I feel fortunate to call you my friend and having the opportunity to be a part of your career for over 40 years.


Keep it up brother.


Your pal,


Ray Griff



4)   Lori Livingston

Gender: Female


:-) Hi Ken,


The video is awesome! You have been blessed with a lot of talent, and you're also a great guy.


I'm happy to call you a friend.





3)   Norma Livingston

e-mail: norm_liv@telus.net

Gender: Female

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Wow, Congratulations Ken on your new CD, "After All These Years"! You are a wonderful friend and an incredible musician. I wish you much success on this first release and can hardly wait until number 2 is ready.







2)   Loraine Strattford

e-mail: lorstrat@shaw.ca

URL: http://www.thebestinhawaii.us

Gender: Female

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA


Hi Ken,


Great Video . . . Awesome CD . . . I'll take 10 . . . 





1)   David Strattford, BBA

e-mail: dstrat@shaw.ca

URL: http://www.sonicbids.com/DavidStrattford2

Gender: Male

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA


Hi Ken,


Congratulations on the release of your first CD - "After All These Years". You are an AWESOME!!! Musician. I wish you the best of luck and hope to see many more releases in the future . . . the Not Too Distant Future . . . Take Care . . .


David Strattford, Producer

TRAX Music Publishing and Recording (1983) Inc.




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